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Sustainable Oasis

Sustainable Oasis by night

A low maintenance Sea Change Home built on the Lower Lakes, in Milang, South Australia. This house was designed by John Maitland of ‘Energy Architecture’, taking into consideration the location and site orientation and the best use of materials and resources. 

A standout project using locally sourced and sustainable materials where possible. Efficiency and quality made in SA.

Being of a moderate size, this project is the perfect home for our clients who are making their escape from the city to the peaceful lifestyle of the area. 

This house has been built to create a healthy living environment and to be almost self-reliant with minimal use of external power and water. 


" We could not be happier with our choice to make the change from the noisy, bustling northeast suburbs in Adelaide, to this quiet little town by the lake for our retirement years. It was a big challenge, deciding to build a sustainable eco-friendly home, with a moderate budget. After spending much time looking and reading about environmentally responsible building through the Sustainable House Days and current publications like Renew, the decision was easy. 

Thanks to Bruce and his team, we achieved this over and above expectations. They have done an excellent job, sticking with us throughout the entire process as we moved from ideas on paper to watching our house grow to completion, and now enjoying our lovely home.. We commend Millwood Homes for their environmental awareness and practices, professionalism, pride in their work, honesty, quality workmanship and progressive thinking."

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